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Babe's Boat Bright Spray Wax Cleaner - 16 oz 473ml

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Babe's Boat Bright Spray Wax Cleaner

Enhance the finish of your boat with Babe's Boat Bright Spray Wax Cleaner. This non-abrasive formula is designed to clean and protect various surfaces on your boat. No pre-washing is necessary, simply spray a light mist on the surface then wipe off with a clean towel. Can be used on gelcoat, metal, glass, or vinyl surfaces.

Babe's Boat Bright Spray Wax creates a water-repellent barrier on surfaces, causing water to roll right off. This barrier reduces water spotting by keep minerals from sitting on the surface. Boat Bright also adds a mar-resistant coating that minimizes scratches. Babe's Boat Bright utilizes a 50/50 synergistic blend of UV protectants - inhibiting degradation caused by UV. Frequent application of Boat Bright will assist in protecting against color fade, chalking and oxidation.

Babe's Boat Bright can be applied as often as needed to gelcoat, fiberglass, glass, plexiglass, stainless steel, and other related marine exterior parts. Use on wet or dry surfaces, in direct sunlight or in the shade.

How to Apply Babe's Boat Bright

  • Spray a light mist then wipe the surface with a soft, absorbent cloth. Turn the cloth on a regular basis until surface becomes completely dry.
  • Boat Bright does not need to dry before it is wiped off.
  • If Boat Bright has dried on the surface, it can easily be removed by spraying the area with more Boat Bright, then wiping dry.

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