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Babe's Clever Cleaner All-Purpose Boat Cleaner 16 oz 473ml

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Babe's Clever Cleaner - 16 oz

Babe's Boat Clever Cleaner is specifically formulated for marine surfaces without causing harm to the vessel. Clever Cleaner removes oil, dirt, exhaust residue, scum and more with it's strong soil and grease cleaning properties. Environmentally friendly thanks to its low toxicity and biodegradable properties. Simply spray on and wipe it off, no water needed!

Product Features:

  • Cleans Oil, Scum, Dirt, and Exhaust Fumes
  • Low Toxicity
  • Biodegradable
  • Convenient 16 oz Spray Bottle

Product Use:

  • Spray Babe's Clever Cleaner onto surface
  • Brush if needed then wipe or rinse clean
  • For Deep crevices or stains it is recommended to rub with a soft brush before wiping clean

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