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Chrome Starter For Chevy 305 350 454 Mini Super Torque Series 3 HP

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Car Starter
CM Marine

NEW 3 Horsepower Gear Reduction High Performance
Chevy Factory Mini Starter!

This is the most powerful of the Super Torque Racing Starter Series.

Shipped complete with shims and mounting hardware!

3 horsepower- 4:1 gear reduction
Will easily crank up to 15:1 Compression Engines

Fits virtually all small and big block Chevy engines including
305, 350, 454 CID prior to 1999 Gen III.

Most Small and Big Block Chevy engines have 3 starter mounting holes drilled in the block from the factory.
The MT200 is mounted using the 2 mounting holes closest to the flywheel.

Features 4 mounting holes allowing use on the 153 or 168 tooth flywheels!

Compact gear reduction starter design for easy installation.
Weighs only 11.2 pounds - much lighter than your stock starter
2.5 times more torque than your original equipment starter
The high torque gear reduction solution to your hot starting problems.

Gear reduction design generates a powerful 185 ft. lbs. of torque.
Will easily start 15:1 high compression Chevy engines.
Mounting block will adjust to give header clearance.
High torque, high performance gear reduction design for maximum power.
Superior gear reduction high torque quality.

Fits other Engines Please ask if yours not listed.
1 Year Warranty

CM Marine

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