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Quicksilver QuickStor Fuel Stabilizer

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Quicksilver QuickStor Fuel Stabilizer

QuickStor Fuel Stabilizer helps prevents regular and ethanol-blended fuel from breaking down and oxidizing. This fuel stabilizer also prevents gum and varnish from forming in the fuel and settling in fuel lines and tanks, carburetors and injectors.

  • Use in 2-cycle and 4-cycle engines
  • Safe for catalyzed engines
  • Stabilizes fuel for up to a year
  • Prevents fuel from breakign down and oxidizing
  • Prevents fuel system corrosion
  • Keeps carburetors and injectors lubricated

Application Instructions for Quicksilver QuickStor Fuel Stabilizer:

  • Pour the proper amount of Quickstor into the fuel tank - 1 ounce treats 5 gallons.
  • Add gasoline.
  • Run engines for 5 to 10 minutes to ensure the product treats the entire fuel system.

Quicksilver Fuel Care System

1 Quicksilver Quickare Fuel Treatment -> Quicksilver Quickleen Engine & Fuel System Cleaner -> 3 Quicksilver QuickStor Fuel Stabilizer

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